A British Man Just Legally Changed His Name To “Bacon Double Cheeseburger”

Some of us are given unfortunate first names–others seek them out. That’s the case for a record-breaking 85,000 British people who changed their names over the past year. And they certainly did not disappoint when it came to creativity.

The top three great name changes of 2015 include:

Bacon Double Cheeseburger, formerly Simon Smith.

Simply McLove Poet, who may be taking their branding for romantic e-cards a little too seriously.

Bruce Wayne who prefers the world only knows him as Batman’s alias.

While most people change their names for serious reasons, or to escape years of embarrassment, some are switching up their birth names simply because they want to.

For just $47 dollars you can dub yourself something new, exotic, even exciting, in the United Kingdom. In the United States a name change can run you up to $435 dollars depending on which state you call home.