A Stray Kitty Stole The Show During A Live Newscast And Immediately Won Our Hearts!

Watching the news can be boring, but not if an adorable stray kitten finds her way into the frame!

During a live newscast for Channel 7 Detroit, a spunky cat named Lucky Seven made her debut on television.

The kitten had been roaming around the parking lot where the crew had been filming. “As we were wrapping up, Lucky Seven, as she’s been named, got vocal and started to steal the spotlight,” reporter and anchor, Nima Shaffe said. “She was scurrying about underneath cars and meowing really loud.”

“First, she has to go to foster care to gain some weight before they can microchip her and give her some more TLC,” Shaffe said. “So it could be anywhere from a month or two before she’s available for adoption.

Many people, including Shaffe himself, are already preparing to adopt Lucky Seven, and who wouldn’t? Just look at how cute she is!