Adorable Red Panda Can’t Let Go Of Her Look-Alike Stuffed Animal

Meet Maiya: the two-month-old red panda cub who was found with an alarming neck injury she suffered while being carried in her mother’s mouth.

Maiya was rescued and cared for by Tamara Gillies, a woman who works at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. During Maiya’s stay, she found comfort in cuddling with a red panda stuffed animal who looked just like her! She would hold it tight while she was feeding and sleeping.

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“The soft toy gives her something a familiar scent to snuggle and play with,” Gillies said. “It’s the same color as a real red panda and she clings to it using her claws and teeth as she would do with her mom.”

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Maiya will stay in the care of zookeepers for one more month, but they are taking steps to gradually reintroduce her to her parents.

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