Baby Godzilla Takes On the Family Dog

Japan’s legendary Godzilla has destroyed downtown Tokyo yet again in Godzilly – King of the Daughters. But this time, the monstrous lizard is sporting the cutest face to hit YouTube! The 2016 Creative Dad Award certainly goes to the father behind this two-minute video that shows a toddler in full Godzilla gear taking on the streets of Japan’s greatest city.

The video gives the terrible twos a whole different meaning as the toddler bounces back and forth between giggles and screams of fire. From green army men to helicopter attacks and explosions, Godzilly battles against everything the cardboard city throws at her.

Even the family dog makes an appearance during the epic battle between Godzilly and Mothradog. But with all her power and might, nothing can stop the epic cuteness of Godzilly in this fun take on the legend!