Female Cyclist Will NOT Stand For Catcalling!

Being on the receiving end of catcalling is never fun. In fact, it’s more uncomfortable and violating than it is a compliment! One female cyclist had enough of being catcalled and fought back against the rude men yelling to her from their van.

Men aren’t the only ones who catcall — women do it too. But in this particular instance, a woman is the victim of name-calling and nasty comments, but that doesn’t mean men are never on the receiving end.

A woman from London appears to be riding her bike and minding her own business. Then, a van full of men pull up beside her and begin to harass her in public saying “Here, take my number. What charm school did you attend? Are you on your period?” and it’s all caught on a motorcyclists go-pro camera.

The woman gets her revenge, however! After she catches up with the men, she amazingly rips off the van’s side mirror!