James Corden And Sting Battle Over The Title For Best Singing Waiter

Just when we thought James Corden couldn’t get any funnier, he goes and has a sing-off with legendary rock star Stin

The hilarious host of The Late Late Show recently welcomed Sting to his set, but instead of his typical “Carpool Karaoke” gig, Corden challenged Sting to a sing-off. Except, it wasn’t an ordinary sing-off; the two played waiters.

Corden set up a gut-wrenchingly hilarious skit in which he acts as a singing waiter in a restaurant full of dining people. Little did he know that rock icon Sting would show up and try to steal Corden’s audience!

You have to see Sting and Corden go head-to-head in a performance battle that is one for the books.

If you think that’s impressive, just wait until you see who joins Jimmy Fallon to sing “Can’t Fight This Feeling!”