Japan Has Changed Sandwiches Forever By Inventing The Chocolate Slice

The idea of putting chocolate on a sandwich has been around ever since Nutella made its way over from Italy. Sure, it’s tasty but true chocolate lovers know that it doesn’t quite fix your carving. It seems that Japan has had enough of the artificial chocolate spreads and has moved straight to the real stuff by releasing chocolate sandwich slices.

A brand called Bourbon has put out the two millimeter thick chocolate slices that will boost lunchtime to a whole new level. The slices are made from a thick chocolate called “nama”, which is prepared with quality cocoa and cream. These treats aren’t another chocolate substitute. They seem to be the real deal with the full chocolate flavor.

The company isn’t just marketing the slices for sandwiches. They suggest combining them with multiple treats like pancakes, crackers, or even eating them solo. But, if you want to pick up these treats in time for the holidays you’ll have to order them in bulk from the companies website. The cost comes to roughly $30 for twelve-five-pack boxes.

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