LeBron James Went Undercover To SHOCK Hungry Pizza Fans

Customers at Blaze Pizza Store in Los Angeles were taken back when a 6’8 employee came from the kitchen carrying boxes. NBA star, LeBron James, went undercover for a hilarious Blaze commercial that captured fans interacting with his alter ego “Ron.”

Some of the customers didn’t recognize James but almost every shopper was taken back by his presence. One pizza lover catches on to the bit but mistakenly calls James “Dwayne Wade” – his former teammate for the Miami Heat. James holds back from laughing at the mistake and blowing his cover.

James may be able to carry over into entertainment once his legendary NBA career comes to an end. This behind the scenes footage proves that the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar has a sense of humor and personality that will entertain fans well beyond the court.

Take a look at the undercover video to watch James on his first-day as “Ron” the pizza guy.