LEGO Shocked Star Wars Fans With The World’s LARGEST Millennium Falcon

Star Wars is absolutely everywhere nowadays and apparently some of its biggest fans are in Malaysia. A father and son building team settled down to make a massive Millennium Falcon compiled of 250,000 bricks. The duo prepared the starship to celebrate Star Wars Day and kick off the excitement for the next film Star Wars Rogue One.

The two have built similar models including a retro Millennium Falcon, the Corellian YT-13000. Both Dan and Christopher Steinger are approved by Lego and hold the title of “Master Builder.” Only 40 people in the world can say they are Master Lego Builders. Christopher Steigner told reporters that the project begins with a 3D model to prevent any mistakes.

“If you make a mistake at the bottom, it will come back to haunt you when you get to the higher parts of the model,” he said.

Celebrate your Star Wars fandom by taking a look at the largest Millennium Falcon to ever be created from LEGOs.