Little Boy Helps With The Laundry And Fully Supports His Grandma’s Underwear Choices

Most kids would be grossed out by their grandparents’ dirty laundry, but this little boy has no qualms with it!

In the video below, a very helpful grandson is sorting his grandparents’ laundry while a relative asks him a series of questions. “Whose laundry is that?” she asks, and the little boy responds with, “Grandpa’s and Grandma’s.”

Just when you think the whole ordeal can’t get any cuter, it does. In the middle of answering his relative’s questions, the little boy holds up a pair of his grandma’s underpants and says, “I like that one.”

Not only is this boy helpful, but he’s accepting of all different kinds of underwear. He is on the right path to being a true gentleman!