These Benedict Cumberbunnies Are Here For Easter But Are Scary Enough For Halloween

Celebrities are regularly made into wild fan art that often teeters between creepy and innovative. Some designs even gain cult followings like Madame Tussaud’s incredible celebrity wax figure collection. However, the latest celebrity sculpture to make headlines isn’t created out of wax, it’s sculpted in sweet chocolate.


Jen Lindsey-Clark, a U.K. based chocolatier, has combined her love for Easter and actor Benedict Cumberbatch to create the “Cumberbunny.” The unbelievable dessert is available in white, milk, and dark chocolate flavors. Each chocolate bunny comes complete with a freakishly accurate portrayal of the actor and a bowtie sprayed in edible 22 carat gold.


If you want to dive into a Cumberbunny you’ll have to head over to England and pay a pretty penny. The bunnies take roughly three hours to sculpt and cost about $70 USD.