These High School Grads Didn’t Let A Little Darkness Ruin Their Ceremony

Nothing can keep Georgia’s Winder-Barrow High School’s 2016 graduating class down, not even a little darkness.

The outdoor graduation ceremony was interrupted by an unexpected power outage, caused by none other than balloons interfering with the school’s transformer.

The graduates and their families did not let the darkness take the light away from such an important evening. The crowd took out their cell phones to light up the field and illuminate the ceremony.

“Our thought is, we’re going to continue to call names,” Al Darby, the principle of Winder-Barrow stated. “And I never thought I’d say this as the principal of Winder-Barrow High School, but thank goodness for cell phones.”

Aside from the unfortunate mishap, the students and families made the best of the situation, and the 400 students left their high school days in the dark as they took the next step into their bright futures.