Tips on How to Meal Prep Like A Pro

Meal prepping is all the rage any more but I gotta say it actually does work! It’s great for on the go people who don’t have time to cook breakfast lunch or dinner for the week but it also is a motivator to eat healthy! Take these tips for a healthier more energetic you!


Season Meat Three Different Ways 



Take your meat of choice (we suggest chicken) and season it three different ways. Take a flat cookie pan, line with tin foil all while creating foil dividers to separate the three varieties from each other.


Freeze Pre-Made Smoothies


Avoid the hassle of blending a million ingredients for your morning smoothie and bulk blend in advance. Once you have done so, simply pour your smoothie into muffin tins and freeze. In the morning you will just have to pop a few smoothie cups into a blender and voilà!


Cook Your Veggies at The Same Time



One big meal prepping trick is cooking multiple things at the same time. One easy ingredient that you can easily cook at the same time are vegetables. Choose veggies with similar cook time, like starchy vegetables for example. We recommend prepping a medley of sweet potatoes, fingerling potatoes, carrots and broccoli and cooking them all on the same pan in the over for 30 minutes at with your over at 420.


Become Familiar with the Kabob


The kabob is a super simple meal to prepare and is easy to transport, but on top of all of that they also help you practice portion control. While many people may envision the kabob as a savory treat, they can be made for all meals, breakfast included.


3 words – Mason Jar Breakfast



The quickest and simplest way to make breakfast for the week is to prep them in mason jars. Just add your favorite fruit with uncooked quick oats in the jar, cover with water and let sit over night in the refrigerator. I personally like to add honey to make it sweeter as well as cinnamon and chia seeds – bonus, the chia since it is soaking in water gets that gelly texture everyone seems to love. Get creative and make these ahead of time.


Crock pot meals



I think the absolute best way to meal prep is to cook chicken breast with either a can of salsa, tomato sauce, or chicken broth and spices in a crock pot. Slow cook the chicken for 5 hours (submerged in a liquid of your choice) and you have enough food for the week! Any sort of vegetables can be thrown in as well like peppers and onions. You can also pull the chicken as well using two forks and make yummy taco bowls.