You Won’t Be Able To Contain Your Laughter When You See Why This Seagull Turned Orange

A seagull in Wales is not too happy with his new feather color.

The seagull was enjoying some curry when he accidentally fell into a bucket full of curry waste. The waste wound up turning the bird orange, but workers rescued the seagull and quickly brought him to the nearby Vale Wildlife Hospital.


The seagull received some spa-like treatment and got his feathers looking sparkling clean!  Lucy Kells, the veterinary nurse at the hospital, developed a bond with the seagull. “He is a bit skinny so we are building his strength up a bit,” Kells said. “I guess that’s why he was trying to get a piece of meat from the vat and fell in.”

The seagull, who is named “Gullfrazie,” will be sent back into the wild once his feathers are re-waterproofed at an outside aviary.

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